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Royal Flush at World Series of Poker 2007

While the head of the integrated circuit, the Dag Martin Mikkelsen throws down a player with a real flushing.

Video posted by: Batteries4Holden

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Comments & Feedback on "Royal Flush at World Series of Poker 2007"

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18 Responses to “Royal Flush at World Series of Poker 2007”

  1. Milksufe Says:

    Rookie mistake I’ve made too many times while training dolphins. You have to be more agressive, grabbing there nose and such, or the points won’t get across. Reminds me of a light time, when children threw there jackets over the bushes before playing in the yard. Skinned knees and flower necklaces adorned the little ones in their mirth. Together, a forthcoming of individual perpetuality. Nothing really, a joke, a start, a time in bed. Show me then this fervor, and let er’ all come down.

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  3. pkiddy13 Says:


  4. PeskySaurus2 Says:

    uhm a royal flush is a straight flush retard

  5. chrisbrownchelsea Says:

    nice hand.. but it would be nicer if he acctually had won with royal straight flush!

  6. J3ofHearts Says:

    after the flop Lovelace had a better hand, but Mikkelsen got more outs, anyway, Mikkelsen had 62% en Lovelace 38% while he had a better hand.

  7. EdDy4RheelZ Says:

    After the flop, Mikkelson doesn’t get anything but he’s still monstrously ahead. LOL. How many outs did he have? all the diamonds for flush, which is 8 cards since he can’t get 8 diamond, 3 Queens(since one is already counted for diamond), 3 Kings, and 2 Aces(since humberto folded the A 10 offsuits). So total of uhh, 16 cards? LOL. Weirdest way to not get a pair and still be ahead. LOL.

  8. cochranexyz Says:

    Watching poker? Play by play? Like, this is a sport now? This gives new meaning to the term couch potato.

  9. woowmagic1 Says:

    This game is easy HAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHa

  10. puska07 Says:

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  11. AlanEmm08 Says:

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  12. Ramel34 Says:

    In real life or Fulltilt poker? I’ve seen 5 in a year in a half on Fulltilt. I had it twice

  13. AlanEmm08 Says:

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  14. gallahullyt Says:


  15. TigerYoshiki Says:

    It’s a bit sad that it happened during an all-in. It would be more awesome with more players and rising.

  16. tealbluewhite Says:

    what are the chances of a royal flush on the board?

  17. tealbluewhite Says:

    wow, so rare. that was awsome.

  18. rebe12354 Says:

    I once went all in with a royal flush draw. I was againsts a boat tho lol. That was when I was first starting to play, and all that was going through my head was that norm guy saying he never folds straight flush draws lol. I lost the hand of course.. norm sucks ;/

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