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High Stakes Poker biggest video of accumulation of bat on the network – from the bat of senior posts at the WPT. This video has brought you together with has the largest collection of video of the club of high-quality network.

Video posted by: Mikl333

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19 Responses to “High Stakes Poker”

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  2. 101Licious Says:

    Pretty sick -.-

  3. blackcatHA Says:

    rich muther fuckers

  4. driftingtheworld Says:

    daniel played his read, gus gave off the correct vibe-chip play and logic in how much
    time he took. As well he let daniel in guesses
    mind catch up even though on the flop he was
    behind… the turn he control of the flow,
    the set up and the result. As well with his
    maniac table image gus, it paid off. Would have loved to see the past hands to set this up, didnt hurt that daniel was up as well
    Just a monster hand never get sick of watching
    this would love to know the percentages
    as well.

  5. bobdylan23220 Says:

    Absolutely not. Daniel’s not folding sixes full no matter how it plays out.

    And the range of hands is not “very narrow”. Gus could have a straight (unlikely), 5’s full (quite possible), or even trip fives (also very unlikely). 5-8 would be what I would be most worried about I guess.

  6. bulldawgs952 Says:

    what do u think the percentages of daniel calling is out of ten times? i would say its about 40/60. 60 % being that he calls. would u agree?

  7. damuffinman24 Says:

    Threw as another show where they asked them both about the hand. What gus told daniel later was that he thought Daniel had a hand like AA etc, and that he was more likely to bet the river if he checked, then if he were to bet out. He thought by betting he’d actually scare daniel off.

  8. JMX2280 Says:

    However, I do believe Daniel could’ve gotten away from the hand if the river played out as follows:
    Gus: bet $50K
    Daniel: raise to $120K-$130K
    Gus: all-in (~$297K)

    Daniel would be getting something like 2.1 : 1, but at this point, the range of hands that Daniel can beat are very narrow. It’s still possible for Gus to play something like 56 like this, but much less likely than how it was actually played out.

  9. JMX2280 Says:

    You must have misread my post. Gus’ image at the time is what made Daniel call relatively quickly (less than a minute?) Gus was known to pull this move off with a huge array of hands, and with the only hands Daniel can’t beat (99, 88, 55), it’s safe to say that in the long run, he’ll be making plenty of money by calling with 6’s full. Typical cooler in poker, but it’s sick that it happens at these stakes.

  10. bulldawgs952 Says:

    I agree, but once gus check-raised all in he gave his hand away which was that he had at least a full house and prolly had daniel beat.

  11. PresidentMugabe1990 Says:

    thats a shame

  12. McBrainsen Says:

    I think the point is, that Daniel really NEEDS a full house, to bet the river. And Gus has to KNOW that Daniel has the boat.

    If Daniel “only” had a good straight, he might have checked in order to see the showdown.

    Gus really MUST have the perfect read on Daniel, to get sure that his checkraise would work.

  13. JMX2280 Says:

    I love Gus’ check-raise all-in on the river. Although these days his image isn’t what it used to be (aggressive maniac), back then, a check-raise all-in on the river by Gus can mean a wide range of hands: 55, 65, 57, AA-TT, maybe even as weak as A9. You can’t fault Daniel’s call there, since it was Gus. A check-raise all-in by someone else would’ve probably made Daniel think longer, but nobody in the world is getting away from 6’s full on the river on that kind of a board.

  14. viktortje007 Says:

    That’s not a n00b question, it was a guess by Gus, worked out good

    I would have bet 10.000 or something I guess

  15. maverick916 Says:

    but its easy for us to say it seeing. when your in the middle of a hand, your thinking differently. you would not lay it down. your an idiot

  16. McBrainsen Says:

    Noob question:

    Why did Gus check the river?

    Can he be THAT sure, that Negreanu thinks that he has the best hand himself?

    Why shouldn’t he bet, maybe 1/2 Pot Size?

  17. joronamo888 Says:

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  18. crackcolin Says:

    no. 85,95,65 would give him 5’s full, Daniel had 6’s full. The only hands that could beat him were 99,88,or 55.

    And anybody who says you would lay down a boat against gus hansen, you are idiots.

  19. arno7777777 Says:

    how about 8 5 ?
    Other hands he can beat are 9 5 and 6 5 !

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